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Microtek E2 SERIES 1KVA Computer UPS

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  • Model – E² Series
  • Rated Capacity – 1 KVA / 800 Watts
  • Indication – LCD Display
  • Warranty   –  One Year
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Microtek High Frequency Online UPS provides Uninterrupted Pure Power for Critical Applications such as Computer Network, Servers, Cyber Cafes, etc.
These Products are manufactured in State-of-the-art automatic Manufacturing Plants equipped with Hi- Tech Machines in India.
Some of the important machines are SMT, ICT and Automatic Assembly Lines etc.
Microtek has won many Awards and recognition for its commitment to the industry.

  • High Frequency and Hybrid Double Conversion Online Technology.
  • High End IGBT Based.
  • High End Micro Controller Based.
  • Wide Input Voltage Range
  • Advanced PFC Technology
  • Advanced Battery Management
  • Automatic Battery Charging in UPS Off Mode
  • Short Circuit and Overload Protection
  • Smart RS232 Communication with monitoring software
  • SNMP Card Slot (Optional)
  • Over Temperature Protection.
  • EMI / RFI Noise Filter
  • LCD/LED Display simultaneously
  • Specially designed to suit Indian Power and Environment Conditions
  • Generator Compatible (Supplying Sinewave Voltage)
  • Isolation Transformer (Optional)
  • Different Output Voltage settings.
  • Output Frequency fixed at 50Hz or can be synchronized with Input Frequency.
  • Static Bypass Enable or Disable.
  • Outlets Programmable and Non Programmable.
  • Protection from DC Fan failure.
  • In-built Over Voltage Cut-Off Device.


Input Voltage Range (Load < 50%)118 ~ 295 V (± 5 V)
Input Voltage range ((Load > 50%))160 ~ 295 V (± 5 V)
Frequency40 ~ 70 Hz
PhaseSingle Phase with Ground
Power Factor≥ 0.99 @ full load
Voltage Range208 / 220 / 230 / 240 V AC
Frequency Range (Synchronized Range)47 ~ 53 Hz or 57 ~ 63 Hz
Frequency Range (Battery Mode)50 Hz ± 0.1 Hz or 60Hz ± 0.1 Hz
THD (Linear Load)≤ 2%
THD (Non Linear Load)≤ 4%
Overload> 110%, 30s turn to Bypass Mode> 150% instant turn to Bypass
Crest Factor3:1 (Max)
Short Circuit Protection5 cycles turn Off Inverter, no transfer to Bypass, provide Alarm (AC Mode), 5 cycles turn Off Inverter, provide Alarm(Battery Mode), Input Fuse blown or Breaker action
WaveformPure Sinewave
Transfer Time(AC Mode to Battery Mode)
(Inverter to Bypass Mode)
Zero< 4 ms
Efficiency85%~ 92%



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